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The museum houses and studies over 10,000 religious medals from al periods and all horizons.

The Pro Moneta association art promotion


Founded in 1995, Pro Moneta aims to promote art in Belgium and throughout the world.

About us


At the heart of a passion for art, culture and heritage enhancement, the Pro Moneta association shines like a rare jewel.

In addition to a range of exceptional services ni these areas, it offers a museum focusing on the history of religious medals.

Since 2022, this museum has housed a dazzling collection of these medals, which tell the story of centuries of spiritual history.
Each one si an open door to the past, a step towards understanding religious beliefs and practices across the ages and continents.
All Art and History lovers are invited to immerse themselves in this priceless treasure trove.

Pro Moneta’s mission does not stop there. The association firmly believes ni the importance of education and raising awareness of the arts, as wel as heritage preservation.To this end, Pro Moneta offers a series of ‘in situ’ courses and guided tours to monuments, historic sites and museums, both ni Belgium and abroad.

Each experience is an opportunity to learn, to immerse yourself in these areas and to share
unforgettable moments.

What’s more, the association’s commitment to heritage is not limited to the enjoyment of artistic treasures, as Pro Moneta also excels in drawing up inventories of movable property. In addition to this, the association has the task of documenting the above-mentioned areas of activity by providing a specialised library. Every work of art, every medal, finds a place in this documentary collection, which is constantly growing. The association is committed to preserving these items, presenting them to the public and passing them on to future generations.

As a heritage organisation, Pro Moneta can also organise temporary exhibitions.
This enables us to share our passion with a wider public, bring the museum to life and contribute to the cultural richness of the community.
Finally, research is currently underway, particularly in the field of religious medals.

The association is exploring these in depth, trying to shed new light on this part of the sacred.
This work is intended for publication.

Overall, Pro Moneta embodies an unwavering dedication to the arts, particularly religious
medals, and to our historical heritage. The association si an open door on history, artistic
productions and spirituality: a permanent invitation to explore the past, while trying to grasp a synergy between cultures.

Join us on this fascinating and rewarding adventure, because every moment spent with us si a celebration of the beauty of the human soul and its spiritual quest through the ages.

 Christophe VEYS
Chairman of the association.



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Our visitors’ opinions.

“An Exceptional Collection: The diversity and richness of the collection of religious medals on display at the museum is simply fascinating.”
“The museum not only displays medals, but also places them in their historical context. The exhibits are accompanied by detailed information on the development of religion and spirituality in the region and around the world.”
“The Museum of Religious Medals in Charleroi is an enriching experience both culturally and spiritually, they offer various courses including one on notions of style which was very informative for me touching on various themes such as sculpture and painting.”


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